Andrés Porcel – Alma Mater

Andrés Porcel – Alma Mater

In his teenage years, Andrés Porcel visited restaurants from all over the country and the world, carrying with him a small notebook on which he took note of all sorts of details: he wrote about the food, of course, but also about such things as the lighting, the waiters’ service, the volume of the music and the quality of the silverware, among many other items. What he saw at those restaurants was not just service, but art. Some time later, after a few years working in finance, Andrés showed his true talents by creating CHILA, a restaurant which opened its doors in 2006 after living in full detail inside its creator’s mind for over a decade. Today CHILA is Andres’s stage, his theater, the place where he can display his knowledge of fine dining and where he can tap into the raw talent of young and promising cooks, such as Soledad Nardelli and Pedro Bargero, the latter of whom is the current Executive Chef. CHILA is a living and ever-changing project, one that feeds off its actors, its scenes and its dialogues. It is the reflection of a creator who understands, teaches and learns while looking for his diners to live through an experience that will reach their palates, but mostly their spirits.

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