We are a living project that flows in different directions.


ANDRES PORCEL permanent state of metamorphosis

A state where nothing is fortuitous but instead is the conscious result of a creator who understands that order cannot exist without a bit of chaos: someone who knows that gastronomy, like all arts, needs to evolve and mature.

Andrés Porcel – Alma Mater

Andrés Porcel – Alma Mater

In his teenage years, Andrés Porcel visited restaurants from all over the country and the world, carrying with him a small notebook on which he took note of all sorts of details: he wrote about the food, of course, but also about such things as the lighting, the waiters' service, the volume of the music and the quality of the silverware, among many other items. What he saw at those restaurants was not just service, but art. Some time later, after a few years working in finance, Andrés showed his true talents by creating CHILA, a restaurant which opened its doors in 2006 after living in full detail inside its creator's mind for over a decade. Today CHILA is Andres's stage, his theater, the place where he can display his knowledge of fine dining and where he can tap into the raw talent of young and promising cooks, such as Soledad Nardelli and Pedro Bargero, the latter of whom is the current Executive Chef. CHILA is a living and ever-changing project, one that feeds off its actors, its scenes and its dialogues. It is the reflection of a creator who understands, teaches and learns while looking for his diners to live through an experience that will reach their palates, but mostly their spirits.

Pedro Bargero – Chef

Pedro Bargero – Chef

Unlike many of the great chefs who began their relationship with cooking in their childhoods, sitting on stools in their mothers' and grandmothers' kitchens, Pedro Bargero felt no interest at all in gastronomy until he was 20 years old, when the need to do something with his hands, combined with a deep longing for traveling, resulted in him applying to cooking classes. He then discovered a true passion for products, flavors and techniques, and quickly built a career that took him from CHILA to the French restaurants of Mauro Colagreco and David Toutain, then to the most diverse kitchens in Europe, and then back home as Executive Chef at Andrés Porcel's restaurant. Pedro's arrival at CHILA marked a cultural break not only in the history of said Relais & Chateaux, but also in the food scene of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Pedro brings the products he works with to life by using them in new and disruptive ways, playing with texture, taste, color and perfume while designing surprising and unpredictable experiences for his diners. He is a revolutionary force whose singularity shapes CHILA'S identity one chapter at a time.

Even though Andrés an Pedro have different backgrounds and personalities, they have become a pair of leaders who agree on their view of what makes CHILA great, and who let each of their perspectives to come together in order to give the restaurant the kind of dynamic character that few other places can claim to have. One of them carries fine dining in his mind and blood, while the other carries it in his palate and hands. That game, that counterbalance, makes its way to the marvelous experience of eating at CHILA, where every dish is a surprise and a course menu resembles a grand opera filled with scenes, characters, nuances and emotional moments. Theatricality, subtle and elegant, lands on the table at the hands of two directors who enjoy working together more than anything else.
October 2020


It is paramount for us to be able  to ensure the safety of our team members and our guests, as well as to be responsible in terms of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We have taken the following measures in the restaurant

– We have no risk of overcrowding in any part of the restaurant and we are well above 2 square meters per passenger. We have changed the layout or design of our main dining room. We are accepting maximum 4 people per table.

– As we have always done, we have a rigorous hygiene regimen in the restaurant and, in addition, we have sharpened our cleaning and sanitation procedures and personal hygiene requirements, including hand washing and hygiene several times a day. We have also established restrictions that limit the number of people in our kitchens.

– Hand sanitizer will be provided for each table and will be available in restrooms and entrances / exits.

– Information on hygiene in relation to Covid-19 will be published in the restaurant and on our digital platforms.

– We closely follow the development of the situation and will follow any additional recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health.